Sunday, May 8, 2016

The stark similarities between Donald Trump and Arvind Kejriwal and why Donald could well be the next most powerful man on the planet

Balls of steel was a common expression that everyone used once in a while but rarely during a public discourse – till the time Donald Trump emerged.

His candidacy - wherever it has reached so far (1001 delegates on 1st May 2016 and at a kissing distance from republican nomination and by the time I post this piece he would be a definite GOP candidate) leaves some serious lessons for each and everyone in the corporate world.

I will come to the lessons later but first lest talk about Arvind and Donald

Arvind Kejriwal : is a relentless persuader who won the Magsasay award for getting The RTI act implemented. Today RTI has empowered the nation to be well informed and a commoner can seek information on any subject on anyone from any government department. The sheer possibility of exposure has put the fear of God (to some extent) in an inherently corrupt nation.

He rose to power on the simplest of poll promises and a genuine visible commitment towards the duty of his future chair / position. He created drama, he challenged the corrupt openly, his rhetoric was simple, his promises came from the heart and he was inherently and intrinsically an honest fellow. And Boy! His party’s victory of 67/70 MLA’s in Delhi was a slap on opposition that no party wants to experience in its political career.

The poll pundits were having a field day declaring his future win as a black swan event and almost everyone had written his obituary even before he became relevant. The rest as they say was all history.

Donald Trump : Most of the American people I hear are threatening to move to Canada or relinquish their US citizenship – should Donald become the Pres of the US of A. Well my advice is - You might want to start getting your passports made because Donald’s presidency might just be a reality that no one was ready for.

Donald just like Arvind, spoke his mind and didn’t hide his naivety behind the garb of “Yes We Can”. He has raised issues that linger in the minds of every global citizen who understands even an iota of economics and has some common sense and connected instantly with a dangerously large number of Americans. He must be the only candidate who is funding his own campaign and therefore has no obligation towards the need of wars and chaos elsewhere. He has no obligation towards the pharmaceutical companies that sell a monthly cancer prescription for thousands of dollars when the same costs a minute fraction to produce.

Trump’s eventual win will also be called a black swan event but it is seemingly clear that perhaps more swans are black than white.

And this leaves us with a few significant lessons:

  1. Irrational exuberance is the biggest catalyst why executives take chances and stretch the imagination of their excel sheets to stratospheric levels. They become unreal because of performance bias. More than often tremendous amounts of wealth is destroyed due to the inability to discount black swan events.
  2. Black swan events are no longer symbolically correct – they are more frequent and more real than ever. Could anyone ever bet on Leicester at 5000:1 and by-jove Leicester won.
  3. Never ever underestimate the power of a person who speaks from his heart and has an infinite passion. Right or wrong - passion and honesty is all that’s required for success.
  4. Intent (genuine or crooked) is really the most powerful tool. Irrespective of one’s articulation or oratory, intent cannot be hidden and human beings have an immensely powerful cognitive ability to differentiate between a right and a wrong intent.
  5. People (read employees / citizens / and even family members) remain quiet or they compromise because they don’t have a choice but never ever construe someone’s silence as weakness. Else you’d be taken aback with an unpleasant surprise at some point. The majority of the US middle class has connected with Trump because he has allowed them to think and connect with himself.

Besides the drama and the useless rhetoric that comes along with Trump and Kejriwal – ‘Watch out World’ – they might just change the order of the bourgeoisie.


  1. Intent is indeed powerful. Loved reading this Manu.

  2. The stark reality is that he has connected. Interesting times ahead.

  3. Cool... you cannot run a country only by your heart.... if it were only heart.... then there would have been no 10% of neurons working hard to awaken the next 90%.... think8ng by heart... i can say i can saceifice my life to country.... but who does...certainly not me in todays condition...
    True to urs... yes...he is very good at heart...sending movie reviews... becoming a second wife of a Modi whom he never fails to question...suspect... waw... my wife doesnt do that much.....
    The problem is different...
    Chelsea out of form due to internal politics...MU didnt have quality steikers...forget VG... City wins when they want
    ..and loses more when they never wanted....Arsenal... stay with the old pig.... you will just get farts.... Liverpool....where are they.... who were left...spurs... and LCity were there up... i am for their talent no question about that...Ranieri is that material...the greatness is they did with the same team.... so it was a team work of failure that brought LC up.... the result...confidence.... they had it and it gree proportionally wen they win...and others ....they lost ....
    5 years in winning is not great...see kerala tamil nadu.... check history nobody won the election in a row....
    End of the day ... you need development... make me strive for talent...maake me to grow up...make me hungry to grow.... i dont need free electricity... i dont need free water.... i want next 10 generations to be happy.... i dont want them to be lazy... and find fault in others degree or others performance.... stand up and do it themselves.... the hiatory will speak it then...sorry if i had hurt any feelings.... you only said it will be appreciated....and published also... so let me also become...

    I am not fromIIT But from a cousin of it....Bhopal REC...MACT...๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. intention and belief in self - More importantly untouched by measure of success or criticism but conviction in making the smallest difference or correction in a minuscule sphere is defenitely very effective no matter who the performer is- Manu Well written with a deep message conveyed

  5. intention and belief in self - More importantly untouched by measure of success or criticism but conviction in making the smallest difference or correction in a minuscule sphere is defenitely very effective no matter who the performer is- Manu Well written with a deep message conveyed

  6. Neither of them are my favourite Manu. But I agree with you honest, plain speak , passion and pure intent are sure winners.

  7. Very well written. When do we see you in the parliament?

  8. Really good article uncle. Very good perspective on the Trump rally as a motivational post.

    But, it should also be noted at the same time that his campaign has been largely successful thanks to the overly obsessive coverage he has gotten from the US and global media, extremely (rather almost zero) competition from GOP members and the American people's fear of Hillary becoming president. All these have also compounded his influence on the campaign this year.

  9. I partially agree with that is written here - intent has to be good but speaking from the heart might be true for someone who is seeking spiritual grace but not in politics or when it comes to matters related to country. Hitler spoke and did from his heart... And appears the only heart he pleased was his own. Mohammed Bin Tuglaq had the intent from his heart to conquer China and sent 1.5 lac soldiers who perished in the snow much before reaching china border.
    If it were just a matter of intent, heart, and Logic Kautilya wouldn't have been known for his Arthashastra- which teaches statecraft and startegy- and this doesn't come from heart...unless of course there is a change of heart.

  10. World will see it now. I am waiting to watch how the changes are going to take sides.

  11. Well written & predicted Manu๐Ÿ‘


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