Friday, January 15, 2010

The health index of organisations

I stole an opportunity to speak to the CEO of a well known company at a dinner to which I was invited - courtesy of a guest who stayed on my ship a couple of years ago. Of course – being unemployed at the moment is a bit of an embarrassment when one is among a group of people who are – by any stretch of imagination – multi millionaires.

I was keen to start a conversation ( as a result of the quantity of food I saw on his plate ) and while he was gleefully savouring the lip smacking food, I asked – what are your criterions of measuring the health of companies. Yours and in general.

He forgot that I was an MBA graduate (finance to be precise) and took me through the jargon of debt equity ratio, current ratio, interest cover, EPS, PE and all that s&*%.

I asked him - has he ever considered reflecting on the health index of his organisation.

No!! Because it doesn’t exist.

An important parameter to judge the health index is simply the health of the CEO. It might sound strange – but a CEO who is fit and worries about his personal health would worry about the company’s health. Unfit sloppy obese CEO’s aren’t a great reflection of the company’s health.

Employees who lack discipline and can’t take care of themselves cannot take care of their departments or their companies.

A large quantum of the problem originates from the eating habits of people. ‘I love my food’ is a common adage. But one doesn’t have to over eat. You love your food but does that mean you hate yourself? Does that mean you hate the company you work for?

Annual increments and bonuses are based on sales figures, profits and all tangible parameters. For the greater common good of the companies and for employee effectiveness an additional parameter of personal health (dependant on weight, cholesterol levels, health of liver, exercising schedules) would do the corporate world immense good.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My blogging inspiration

I did not know what a blog really was till Oct ’08 and it took a while before I started penning my thoughts and reflections online.

Nicholas Bate is an immense source of inspiration who initiated me to blogging and his lectures at Warwick have made a considerable positive impact on me. Time management, presentation, project management and articulation are some skills that Nick has imparted. He has definitely enriched lives of executives and students round the world. His books are great and are an easy read. His blog is thought provoking and provides simple solutions to seemingly complex issues of life.

On his birthday today, I would like to thank him very much.

‘Happy Birthday Nick’.
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