Saturday, August 22, 2009

The world is still full of very nice people – and the planet has 'hope' for itself

Search for a room in London can be quite frustrating. As a student one not only fights against time, the onerosity of travel and a diminishing bank balance but also with the issue of potential landlords asking for references, large security deposits and the fear of unknown.

I kept my hope high and during one of these searches, I was pleasantly surprised to come across a family that had 2 rooms to-let. Big and small. The big was bigger than my budget, the small was smaller than my imagination. They not only sensed my inability to pay a large deposit but also sensed that I could not afford the room that I liked.

What they said later was quite beatific. “We will be happy to waive off the security deposit and you can take the bigger room for the price of the smaller one only if you promise to revise the rent on your own – the moment you get a job”.

This is what I call cosmic intervention.

Hope within individuals proves the mankind’s belief in God. Hope drives the macrocosm (It’s a different story that till some time back the investment bankers thought – they did). Hope for a better life, better job, better salary, more wealth. A man without hope is ‘hopeless’ and it would be very selfish to say that hope is a function of one’s belief in oneself. It isn’t. It’s a result of our hidden belief in ‘The Unknown’. The higher the hope the closer we would be to God.

The bottom line – Keep your hope high and your karma correct and in order. The cosmic hand will guide you thru and the temporal tribulations will melt away into the unknown.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Very Anticipatingly Yours

In 1928, philologist and lexicographer H. W. Fowler gave a new order to salutations and closures in letters and confused the world amongst sincerely, faithfully, truly and very truly. Even though I have utmost regard for the English language (as this is one common thread that binds the world), last few weeks of writing business letters (basically request for job letters) left me wondering. Why??

Gone are the days when letters were written to friends and relatives to remain in touch - text has taken that responsibility.
Love is no longer communicated thru perfumed, painfully handwritten calligraphic letters – facebook, online dating sites etc are enough.
‘Mate’ and ‘Cheers’ defines the entire spectrum of salutation and politeness even in this country where English language has some momentous roots.

And I strongly feel that with the exception of the readers of this blog, human race today is neither ‘very faithful’ nor ‘very sincere’.

We write letters because we expect something in return.

Why not do away with the false pretence?

Let’s stick to ‘very anticipatingly yours’!!
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